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5 steps identify real or imitated Oxygen-barrier(EVOH) pipes

作者: 点击数:78 发布日期:2020-03-26

Oxygen-barrier plastic pipe(EVOH pipe) is a kind of floor-heating pipes that can block the oxygen in the air from entering the pipes and prevent the breeding of the microorganisms in the pipes. It’spopular in some developed countries.

However,  as the high-rated features recent year, many imitated oxygen-barrier pipes were produced and put on the market to get more profit。 Their price is low and difficult to distinguish from the true oxygen-barrier pipes.

Imitated oxygen-barrier pipes not only cheated the customers, but also causes a big losses to customers who need a true oxygen-barrier pipe system. Then, how to identify the real or imitated oxygen-barrier(EVOH)pipes?

As the manufacturer of first EVOH-Plastic extrusion making machine in China, according our experience, we have summarized 5 methods to do the identification:

1. Appearance.

Oxygen-barrier pipe has a smooth and shining appearance;

Due to the high hardness of the EVOH, it’s more difficut to leave scratches than imitated oxygen-barrier pipes。

2.Slicing with a knife

Cut the oxygen-barrier pipe with a blade, you can see the outer layer is the natural EVOH layer, and there’s a glue layer with masterbatch added in the middle and the inner layer is PE-RT or PB etc. Pipes without added colorant can’t be identified in this way.

3. Test in water

Some of the manufacturer are using PE instead EVOH to fake customers. You can use the principle that the density of the EVOH is greater than water to test. Put the oxygen-barrier layer in water to see if it sink to the bottom.

4.Testing with iodine

If it’s real EVOH oxygen-barrier pipes, put iodine on the oxygen barrier layer, EVOH will quickly dissolve and change color

5.Check the quantity of the extruder

Oxygen-barrier pipes requires at least 3 kinds of raw materials to do co-extrusion。

Take floor-heating oxygen-barrier pipes for example, need raw materials PE-RT, Glue and EVOH. If the manufacturer is not a 3 layer co-extrusion machine, then they can’t produce oxygen-barrierEVOH) pipes.

Any other questions, wil be glad to receive your messages.

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